Понимающие заказчики

Хотелось бы работать на компании, придерживающиеся таких принципов.

One of the first things was bringing in a couple of localization professionals to talk to our writing team about how to write for localization. Once the writers understood how the translation process worked, we were able to add measures to our style guide that would save time in translation.

For instance, we used to use the words server and computer interchangeably. By always using the word computer, the translation memories would translate that word globally and more reliably. The tools that our translators use are very good at anticipating changes. Reusing the same words and phrases cuts down on time needed.

Another measure was to be more mindful of phrases that don’t translate well. One example was a sentence from a troubleshooting section. “Mouse hugs the side of the screen.” You might imagine how that translates. When translators came upon this sentence, they have to stop and query us. Eliminating those queries can go a long way in saving time and cost.


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