Аттракцион невиданной жадности

Давно мне не предлагали поработать бесплатно. Причем в лучших традициях, с обещанием светлого будущего:

A regular very popular information website company has requested us translate their mobile phone website (150 words) into 30 languages. We are sending this email to 1 translator preference per language only.

If you are in a position and prepared to assist with this translation without charge, we promise to give you 1st option of any work we receive via this site for your language.

А ведь я совсем недавно для этого бюро заполнил анкету с указанием ставки. Ненулевой ставки :-) Странно, что они еще не берут с переводчиков деньги за право на них поработать.

2 thoughts on “Аттракцион невиданной жадности

  1. Arkadi

    А как бы Вам такое понравилось (получено в ответ на высланное тестовое задание)?
    “Currently the samples are being evaluated by the client. Additionally we will be happy to have your opinion on the other samples (anonymously). Based on the fact that you are already familiar with the text, it will take only a few minutes to go over the attached samples and rate them from 1 to 10 according to their quality (10 is the highest score, and you can give the same grade to more than one sample).

    This is not a must, but it will help us a lot with our final decision.”
    И вложено “всего” 8 сэмплов по 300 слов каждый :-)


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