Что такое key take-away?

Нет, это не только еда на вынос [TFD]. В маркетинговом новоязе это означает основные положения, тезисы. Цитирую Раймонда Чена:

The take-away is the essential message of a presentation or the conclusion that you are expected to draw from a situation. It is something you are expected to remember when the whole thing is over, a piece of information you take away with you as you leave the room. <…> The preferred intensifier is key, and you probably see it attached to the phrase take-away more often than not. This example comes from a presentation on the results of a user study:

Results: XYZ Tough to Use

  • Key take-away:
    • Migration to XYZ will be difficult
    • Need to show value of using the power of DEF

(And, as you may have noticed, the heading is the singular take-away even though multiple take-aways were listed.)

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